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I hope you found this site useful in understanding your evaluations and realizing their value when you are up for advancement! Here are some further resources that will help you and your advancement goals:

Click Here for a blank evaluation report (in MS Word 97 format) that you can save, print, or just follow along with. It will open a new window, so click!. Even if you don't need it now, it will really come in handy if you want to fill out an eval on yourself! Because it is in Word 97 format, it is ready to edit!

If you need a way to keep track of your yearly evaluation input and you do not currently have a recommended Input report (brag sheet) from your command, I created a comprehensive Evaluation Input Report in Word 97 .doc format as well. It is not an official Navy form, but it may help you organize your input! Fell free to save it or print it out for your personal use! Evaluation Input Report

So, you want to take the Navy Evaluation Correspondence Course? Click here for the Official Navy Site.

Getting great evals is only one important part of reaching advancement goals. If you are currently (or will be in the future) studying for the Navy Wide Advancement exam, please visit my other site, Navy Advancement Help. This is a huge site with extensive study notes for the PMK section of your exam. There are advancement tip, hits, and note and highlights of chapters you'll need to study for the test.You can also play Battleship!

If you want to leave feedback on this site or contact me, please sign the guestbook!! I always welcome suggestions, feedback, and comments!

Who Wants to be a Navy Chief?-This is my other web site that focuses on preparation for the Chief's Exam and selction board. This is a step by step instruction on what you can do in order to increase your chances of being selected as a Chief. Even if you will not be eligible for a few years, there is advice on what you can do right now!

Navfit98A- If you are interested in downloading and using Navfit98A for your evaluations, this is the official site.

Eval List- This is an easy eval "check list" I created in MS Word 97. Feel free to use/save this for your own personal use as well!

Now, you really didn't think I would have a website without a game for you to play at the end, did you? Click the link below to start the game (it will open a new window). Use your mouse to play (left click to shoot.) Have fun!
Play Air Attack 3

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