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Place an X in the box for the promotion recommendation. The recommendation may be NOB if appropriate, e.g., short period and few or no traits graded. "Promotable," "Must Promote," and "Early Promote" are recommendations for promotion. "Promotable" = 3.6, "Must Promote" = 3.8, "Early Promote" = 4.0, on the advancement system 4.0 scale. All are advancement recommendations. Other examples are:
"Progressing" = 3.4 on the 4.0 scale.
"Significant Problems" is a recommendation against promotion, and must be justified in the comments. "Significant Problems" = 2.0 on the 4.0 scale.
Block 45 is your individual promotion recommendation. Personally, from an OIC or Chief's viewpoint, this is the most difficult part of the eval to complete. This is where you are ranked against others in your rate. Unfortunately the top ranking, early promotes will be limited according to the number of personnel at your level. The chart below shows how many personnel in a unit can be an Early Promote based on the amount of persons of the same rate in that unit. See below:

This block will show the total number of personnel and where they are ranked.

Place an X in "Not Recommended" or "Recommended."

This is self-explanatory, simply the Reporting Senior's Address, with only the following exceptions:
For active duty reporting seniors with transfer or retirement orders, enter address of next command or home address, as appropriate. For inactive Reserve reporting seniors, enter civilian, not Reserve Center address.

This is the last name, initials, and grade or rate of the senior rater, both typed and signature.

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