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Unit Identification Code (UIC) of member's ship/station. Reserve units: Enter the Reserve Unit Identification Code (RUIC). The UIC is 5 digits long, and best remembered as being like a “zip code” for your command. If there is no UIC, enter five zeros.

Abbreviated name of the activity to which the member is assigned for the duty reported on. Do not spell letters and numbers (e.g., use A instead of ALFA, 1 instead of ONE). The name of your command must be recognizable in the first 18 characters.

Enter your promotion status on the ending date of the report period, as follows:
Regular: You are in your current rate at the time of the eval end date.
Frocked: Frocked to the rate entered in block 2, but not yet promoted.
Selected: a rate higher than shown in block 2, but not yet frocked or regularly promoted.

In yrMONda format, the date you reported to the command named in block 7. Example: 96OCT17

Place an X in each block which applies. (NOTE: More than one occasion can apply, except that Special cannot be combined with another occasion. Do not submit a Special report if another occasion applies.)

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