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Enter a brief statement of command employment and significant command awards or achievements during the period of the report.
Reserve Units: Indicate the unit's gaining command and contributory support functions (if any).

In the small box to the right of the caption, enter an abbreviation of 14 or fewer characters and spaces for the most significant primary duty for the period reported on.
Examples: XO, AIR OPS, ASST ADMIN, EVAL BRANCH HD. Be as clear as possible.
The remainder of block 29 consists of one to three elements, as follows:
Duty Titles: Beginning to the right of the abbreviation box, enter duty titles and number of months each duty was assigned during this report period. Enter duty titles in the following order: most significant primary duty (corresponds to the abbreviation); other primary duties; collateral duties; watchstanding duties. Example: COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER-7; ASST COMM-3; MESS TREASURER-8; OOD UNDERWAY-3
Periods Not Available for Duty: Identify any periods during which no duties were assigned. Example: TEMADD 96OCT18-96NOV30
Job Scope Statement: Briefly state the scope of primary duty responsibilities. Example: Responsible for base maintenance, managing 15 military/65 civilians and $5 million.

If mid-term counseling was received during the report period, enter the date counseled from the counseling worksheet. Use yrMONda format. Example: 96FEB28.
Counseling Not Performed During Report Period: If counseling was not performed because the counseling date did not fall within the report period, enter NOT REQ in block 30. If counseling was not performed for any other reason, enter NOT PERF, and provide a brief explanation in block 31.

This block is signed on the counseling worksheet only. On the fitness or evaluation report, type the name of the counselor from the counseling worksheet.

You will sign this block. Use black or blue-black ink. The signature verifies that blocks 30 and 31 are accurate, but does not necessarily mean that the counseling was considered adequate.

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