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Below you will see the Final Multiple Score Chart. I have highlighted the section on performance, which relates to your eval scores. This chart shows the equations used for each rate to bring us to the final score.

As you can see, for those testing for E-4/5, your PMA is multiplied by 60, and then 156 is subtracted from that sum, bringing the maximum score (for a 4.0) to 84 points toward your final multiple.
For the E-6 advancement, you would multiple your PMA by 60 and then subtract 130.
For those going up for E-7, you would multiply by 13.
Now you see why your evaluations are so important! If you are going up for E-6, for example, your evaluations can make up to 41.5% of your final multiple! Without consistant high evals you can lose a lot of points!

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