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This is the section of your evaluation where you are being graded on your Technical knowledge and practical application. How can you improve your score in this section?
Be a technical expert in your rating.
Ensure you complete all PQS advancement requirements and watch station qualifications.
Complete as many inrate correspondence courses as you can.

This is where you will be graded on the standards of work you perform, and how you perform it, as well as how you use your resources. Improvements may be made by:
Be a self-starter
Work efficiently and utilize/maximize your resources.
Do your work right the first time.

This is where you are being graded on your fairness, how you work with others, and your understanding of EO procedure in your daily actions. Improvement in your score can be achieved by:
Be Fair & respectful towards others.
Get involved within your command (welfare and rec activities)
Be pro-active in EO objectives.
Be a leader and a role model.
Complete the EO correspondence course NAVEDTRA 14137

This is where you are graded on your adherence to Navy Core Values, your appearance, your conduct, and your physical fitness. In order to raise this score:
Set the example, wear your uniform with pride.
Display exemplary personal appearance.
Stay (well) within weight/body standards.
Note: A 5.0 requires a PRT score of excellent or outstanding.

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