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Hello, my name is DCC Randy Barkman. This web site is intended to give everyone a better understanding on how the Evaluation system works, how important they are, and how you can improve your evaluations.

The Navy has a course on evaluations, and I would highly recommend you complete this course if you desire more in depth information. You can order that course here:
Many other courses will be available from this site as well

E-1 through E-6 receive evaluations reports. E-7 and above will receive Fitreps. This site will focus exclusively on Evaluation Reports.

Click Here for a blank evaluation report (in MS Word 97 format) that you can save, print, or just follow along with. You'll have another chance to do this, and more information, on the last page of this site.
If, at any time, you are looking to access a certain page in this lesson, click on Site Map at the bottom of each page. This will bring you to a full list of all pages in this lesson.

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