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This is the average of the trait grades for this report. (See page 4 on this site if you have questions on how to compute an average)Also worth noting is that there is a space in Block 50 (which we will go over later) that shows the average grade for the other personnel in your rate at your command. You can compare your Individual Trait Average with the number in Block 50 to get an idea of where you stand within your command.

Enter one or two career recommendations. Do not leave blank. If no recommendation is appropriate, enter NA or NONE in the first block.

Type last name, initials, and grade or rate of the rater, and obtain the signature.

This block is for substantiation of 1.0 and 5.0 Grades and things such as Physical Readiness Failure, and Negative Recommendations. This block should specifically discuss all 1.0 and 5.0 grades, physical readiness marks of F or NS, and recommendations against retention or promotion. It should identify by block number the performance trait being discussed. And all YOUR comments will be excellent because you did what it took to get a superb eval!

This block should contain:
- courses and/or credit hours completed.
- degrees or certificates awarded.
- special Navy or other qualifications attained or renewed.
- personal awards or letters of commendation received.
- other special honors or recognition received.
Block 44 is reserved for completed, not anticipated achievements. Make sure nothing that you have done during the eval period has been left out!

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