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This is where you are graded on the amount of work that you do and the amount responsibility you handle. Ways to raise your score in this area include:
Go the extra mile.
Take on extra responsibility.
Be Reliable and dependable.
Complete tasks and qualifications (far) ahead of schedule.
Be able to plan and prioritize with exceptional skill and foresight.

Here you will be graded on how you work with others to achieve positive results.
Be a team player.
Inspire cooperation and progress.
Give team direction.
Focus on team goals.

LEADERSHIP (optional for E-1 E-3)
Here you will be graded on your leadership skills and abilities. Some ways to improve your marks here are:
Be a leader!
Lead from the front.
Inspire and motivate others.
Be a good communicator and a good listener.
Ensure safety of personnel and equipment.
Be a superb organizer.
Foresee problems and have solutions.
Know your people.
Continue to improve your personal and professional life, and those of others.
Be innovative

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